USPS Issues RFI for Outsourcing of NCOA Program

Postal patrons can submit their address changes from any of the following three channels:

• Post Office – Complete a PS Form 3575, Change of Address Order

• Internet – Utilize the COA application on

• Telephone – Utilize the COA process through USPS Corporate Customer Contact

Each of these channels currently offers a variety of move-related information and advertisements. The packages include postcards that the customer can use to notify magazines, catalogs, utilities, and others of their new address, as well as helpful checklists for movers. In addition, for each and every COA order submitted, the USPS provides a Move Validation Letter (MVL) and a Customer Notification Letter (CNL) and/or a Welcome Kit (WK).

Costs are incurred with the printing and distribution of the PS-Form 3575 and other move related forms, management of the Internet Change of Address (ICOA) site, as well as the associated postage associated with distribution of the movers guide and mailing of the Welcome Kit to new addresses.

USPS Objectives
The USPS wishes to continue and enhance, where feasible, marketing programs that leverage the COA program to capture the potentially high-growth commercial opportunities generated when a patron files a change of address with the USPS. A strategic relationship between the USPS and a capable and compatible supplier and/or alliance partner would be designed to defray the USPS costs of the COA program and deliver meaningful revenue growth for the USPS and its partner. The USPS is uniquely positioned in its relationship and interaction with movers when processing a change of address order and seeks to create innovative and effective marketing programs designed to capture the value potential inherent in this relationship.

The complete RFI can be downloaded by clicking here.

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