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October 2002

Walden Acquires Winson Assets

MONTGOMERY, NY—General commercial printer Walden Printing has acquired—through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Philips-Walden LLC—certain assets of Philips Winson, which specializes in book components. The deal includes general intangibles and accounts receivable. Rampart Associates initiated the opportunity as Walden Printing's advisor and structured the transaction as a secured party sale.

RRD Logistics Publishes Paper

WILLOWBROOK, IL—A white paper titled, "Measurable Change: Harnessing the Power of Six Sigma in a Distribution Environment," has been released by R.R. Donnelley Logistics. The paper details the significant service improvements the company has realized by adopting Six Sigma as the "driving strategy for continuous (operations) improvement." Copies are available by contacting Linda Carlisle via e-mail at or by visiting the company's Website at

Hutchison Gains Certification

WINSTON-SALEM, NC—Hutchison Allgood Printing announced it has attained a quality management system registered to ISO 9001:2000 standards. The Quality Management Institute, an international management systems registrar, issued Hutchison Allgood a registration certificate this spring.

Perry Judd's Adds Stitcher

SPENCER, IA—Waterloo, WI-based Perry Judd's has installed a Muller Martini Prima SB saddle stitching system at its Heartland Division here. The system automates the production of selectively bound books, designed to enable Perry Judd's customers to reach target audiences quicker and more economically.

Franklin Counterfeiters Nabbed

PHILADELPHIA—See what happens when you skimp on quality printing equipment? A group of nine counterfeiters has been nabbed by federal authorities and $800,000 in bogus $100 bills—printed on a common office photocopier—have been recovered. The ersatz Ben Franklins have been in circulation for three years in several states. According to The Associated Press, quoting Secret Service agents, the counterfeiters used simple techniques to generate the phony money. They bleached portions of real $1 and $5 bills to erase the denominations and presidential portraits, then photocopied sections of a real $100 bill, including the Franklin portrait, onto the bleached paper. The bills were generated on two office copiers in a West Philadelphia apartment. From there, a network of accomplices used the fake bills in area retails stores to purchase inexpensive items, then split up the laundered money.

Sing Tao Daily Installs Stitcher

SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco edition of the Sing Tao Daily, one of the nation's leading Chinese-American newspapers, has installed a new Muller Martini Presto saddle stitching system. The Presto system is rated at 9,000 cycles per hour and features digitally driven controls.


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