Integraphx Changes its Name to Boingo Graphics

CHARLOTTE, NC—Integraphx, a 32-year-old commercial printer, is changing its name to Boingo Graphics. The firm, which has operated in eight different locations, debuted as Kopy Korner, followed by The Printing Office and then Intergraphx in 2004.

According to company president Scott Nowokunski, the name Boingo Graphics was chosen because it reflected the passion, energy and creativity that is a vital part of what the company does.

“The name Integraphx has served us well, but we have found it somewhat limiting as we enter into some of the larger metropolitan areas across the United States. We need a truly unique name to differentiate ourselves as we expand.

“We act more like a dot com than a commercial printing company. Over a third of the people in our building are in IT,” he added. “There’s no receptionist or waiting room when you come to see us. You walk into our living room and are greeted by the next smiling face.”