UBS Brings Color Transactional Printing In-House with Kodak Digital Technology

Fast and flexible
One of UBS’ requirements was that the systems can be used separately for simplex printing, and can work in unison for duplex printing. The two VL2000 Systems have their own web unwinding and winding modules. This delivers maximum flexibility for two-up duplex printing (double sided) on a single paper web, or independent two-up simplex (two A4 pages side by side for single-sided printing on two webs).

UBS’ set-up now delivers more than 1,000 A4 pages a minute, a dramatic improvement on the 100 to120 pages a minute produced by its previous color toner printing systems. It’s at the year-end processing season when the VL2000s really prove their worth – between 30 and 35 million pages must be printed in just eight days. “Every one of our printing systems works flat out, 24 hours a day. At such a crucial period, we simply can’t afford any stoppages,” adds Amrein.

Full-color, complex transactional documents
The full-color capability of the VL2000 Systems is particularly useful for asset statements or other complex client documents that feature color charts and graphics. And even the black and white documents – such as regular account statements – that were previously produced on laser equipment are now created far more cost-effectively with the Kodak Inkjet Systems. All transactional documents are supplied from IT to the printing systems as AFP (IPDS) data streams and are processed by two Kodak Versamark CS300c System Controllers.

However, Amrein does not consider the VL2000 Systems only as transactional printing systems: “We want to also use them for production volume in the creative sector, which until now has been handled by the Print and Copy Center.”

As these documents are sent to production as PDF files, UBS plans to purchase a Kodak 700 Print Manager as a new controller in the foreseeable future, so that the PDF files can be processed directly for printing.

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