Tribune Co. and QuadTech Team Up for Largest Press Control System Install

The Tribune’s Freedom Center is the largest newspaper web-offset printing operation under one roof in North America.

The system also controls and optimizes the ink ratchet for high inking performance, creating better color, reduced waste and minimized operator intervention. All surfaces are inspected and common print faults such as scumming, blanket smashes, incorrect plates and color variations, are detected. Early spotting of inconsistencies allows for corrective action before defects become a costly problem.

QuadTech’s MultiCam provides accurate color-to-color register, cut-off register and ribbon register to commercial web and newspaper printers. Like AccuCam, the MultiCam systems are designed to work on the ICON integrated platform with other QuadTech products. MultiCam is the world’s best-selling register camera with over 10,000 cameras built.

On the decision to invest in QuadTech’s technology, the Chicago Tribune’s Brian Karnick said, “There are many color control choices in the marketplace. QuadTech was the best fit for our needs in terms of quality control and defect detection. The modular design and image-based technology allows for state-of-the-art image control without the need for additional targets and gray bars. This made it very appealing for our team. In addition, the ability for the system to alert operators to other defects such as ink loss or ink scumming is like another set of eyes for our press team.”

About QuadTech
QuadTech Inc. is a worldwide leader and innovator of performance proven press control technology. Founded in 1979, QuadTech sells its automated auxiliary control systems in more than 100 countries to the web offset newspaper and commercial markets, packaging market and publication gravure market. Headquartered in Sussex, WI, QuadTech maintains a worldwide network of sales and service operations, including facilities strategically located throughout Europe, and in Japan, China, Singapore, India, and North and South America. QuadTech is proud to be registered ISO 9001:2008 DNV. QuadTech is a subsidiary of Quad/Graphics, one of the largest and most technologically advanced printers and multichannel solutions providers in the world.

Source: QuadTech.

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