4over’s First Red Tag Round Table Well Received

MIAMI—On the evening of Friday, February 26, 2010, well over 250 of 4over’s customers joined Founder and CEO Zarik Megerdichian at 4over’s Miami facility for a town-hall meeting to discuss “Project Red Tag.” They received a preview of a new solution to the challenges that print resellers face from the direct-to-consumer online print phenomenon.

Some concerned customers were skeptical at the beginning, but as they came to understand and appreciate Project Red Tag and the revenue potential it offers them, they became enthused and extremely excited. They rose to give Megerdichian a standing ovation.

He explained that 4over has always resisted following in the footsteps of other “trade” printers who have chosen to directly compete for the retail consumer’s business. Instead, 4over has been striving for a way to show its continuing loyalty to its customers by providing them with an inexpensive way to successfully participate and compete in the online retail print market. Project Red Tag is that solution.

Project Red Tag is a state-of-the-art direct-to-consumer website with a broad range of products, sophisticated online design tools, high quality print fulfillment, and superior customer service, all of which will be promoted by nationwide advertising. Equally important, participation in Project Red Tag is not intended to impact a customer’s existing business relationships.

Each print reseller can retain and service their current customer base while earning additional revenue from the new online print buyers driven to them by Project Red Tag—customers who would otherwise be captured by other national online retail printers. Each of these new online customers becomes a prime candidate for cross-selling additional services and products. As Zarik explained, the goal of Project Red Tag is to help increase a 4over customer’s business – because “Their success is our success.”

Megerdichian also provided details of 4over’s new Loyalty program that will be the gateway to participation in Red Tag. He explained that the loyalty to 4over’s customer base at the heart of “Project Red Tag” is a two-way street – we must all be on the same team. Under the new loyalty program a proprietary algorithm will evaluate a customer’s overall relationship with 4over and then place the customer into one of several Loyalty levels. As these levels progress, they qualify for an increasing number of valuable benefits—including the opportunity to participate in “Project Red Tag.”

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  • http://BillyHayes Billy Hayes

    I attended the 4over event in Miami and was inspired by the passion Mr. Megerdichian showed in his presentation. I definitely left the meeting excited not only about Project Red Tag, but being a trade customer of 4over in general. Partnering with 4over has been one of the best business decisions we have made. Keep up the good work Zarik. Connections Printing & Graphics.

  • http://MarkStern Mark Stern

    I also attended the Miami round table at 4Over. It is refreshing to have the opportunity to do business with a company that takes its’ ethics very seriously. It was evident to me that while some print resellers just couldn’t seem to get past the fact that there is going to be another big contender in the online print industry, others (myself included), could see the bigger picture. 4Over’s project is not intended to compete with its’ customers, but to give them a resource for new leads and consumers that would otherwise be lost to a “big box” online printer forever. 4Over’s Project Red Tag will not only capture a portion of the online market that seems unreachable to most of us (resellers), but also will share a piece of that portion with its’ loyal customers. Thanks, Zarik, for investing in us. I hope the favor is returned. Better Business Printing