PA Printer DavCo Advertising Answers Eight-Up Demand with New Four-Color Ryobi 924 Press

Don, Jerry and Rick Esh of DavCo Advertising stand in front of the company's new four-color, 36" Ryobi 924 press.

Thus the move to the new Ryobi 924, equipped with a Harris & Bruno International aqueous coater and the Pamarco Global Graphics Sentinel Ink Management System. The latter is an electronically controlled, fully automated, air-tight cartridge ink dispensing system that also tracks and reports ink usage.

DavCo’s new press also has many standard and optional features. They include a semi-automatic plate loader, an ink volume setter, the Ryobi PCS-G Printing Control System, auto-cleaning devices and the SMART Makeready function, all of which reduce makeready time.

The press also incorporates an impression pressure preset, a paper size preset, and the Ryobi PDS-E print density control and monitoring system.

Following the smooth install two months ago, Esh said the press operator’s learning curve was extremely quick because the 924 is so similar in operation to the 754.

“Our 924 is doing everything we expected it to do,” Esh explained. “We could not be happier with how it’s serving our existing customer base and helping us drive new business growth.”

Quantifying the financial savings vs. eight-up, 40″ presses
The eight-up Ryobi 920 series press delivers deep financial savings versus 40″ presses, including a 29 percent savings in plate costs, a 29 percent savings in consumables and reduced energy costs, according to Ryobi’s U.S. and Canada distribution group.

Its compact size is also a big advantage for typically space-constrained pressrooms: the Ryobi 920 series presses use less than two-thirds the floor space that a 40″ press requires. The 924 has only a slightly larger footprint than the 754, Esh said.

“With even more automation on our 924, combined with CTP technology that’s faster and less expensive than it was a decade ago, we can really drive our production costs down over growing volumes.”

“We’re also now able to reach and serve larger customers,” he added. “So there’s no question: Ryobi offset presses have been a big win for us for decades—and we fully expect that to continue.”

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