This Life of Reilly Is a Nightmare —Cagle

It’s pretty clear by this point that Jim Reilly is anything but lucky.

If you’ve ever wondered how people can become so despondent as to take their own life, well, now you can stop wondering. But Reilly is not going to be one of those people who throw in the towel. He’s picking up the pieces, moving forward. It begins with small things, then you work your way forward.

“I’m starting to get things back in order,” he told the newspaper.

His faith has helped as well, spiritually and financially. The United Methodist Church Reilly attends in Elam, PA, is accepting donations on his behalf. Checks or gift cards would help most. If you want to contribute, send gifts to James Reilly Family Fund, c/o Elam United Methodist Church, 1073 Smithbridge Rd., Glen Mills, PA, 19342.

I do not know if Reilly has found another job, or if he intends to stay in the printing industry. If a Delaware Valley printer is interested in helping this man afford new housing accommodations by offering him a job, drop me a line and I will put you in touch with Reilly.

CUSTOMER SERVICE HORROR: Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

My father-in-law, Ronnie, walks into his local post office, inquiring as to why he didn’t receive his 2010 U.S. Census packet. The CSR behind the counter mutters into her cell phone, “hold on, I have another customer,” and explains to Ronnie that she had to “send back a whole tray” of Census forms because they contained street addresses as opposed to post office box numbers.

The CSR added that she didn’t have enough time to insert each letter into the proper box without a P.O. box number on the letter. Apparently, she did have enough time to take a lengthy personal call given the “I have another customer” line.