The Matlet Group Receives Prestigious Asian American Business Award

“Everyone agreed that having the right people is necessary for a successful company. I found the talk about taking risks to be interesting. There were some different perspectives between being successful and comfortable at the same time, and being successful while taking a calculated risk and doing something outside your comfort zone.”

The high powered panel included many other company leaders including, Ravi Saligram, President/CEO of OfficeMax; Hiten Patel, founder and chairman of Collabara; Arun Verna, founder and president of Data Inc.; Ken Xie, founder, president and CEO of Fortinet; John Lam, chairman and CEO of The Lam Group; Thanh Nguyen, president and CEO of NVT Technologies; Ravi Damodaran, president and CEO of Sun Technologies ; Atul Jian, chairman and CEO of TEOCO Corp.; and Lina Hu, founder, chairman and CEO of Clipper Corp.

About Matlet
The Matlet Group combines the strength of its technology and equipment with the development of creative solutions to deliver outstanding product packaging and exceptional promotional campaigns and sales materials, along with warehousing and distribution capabilities. The company is a member of the prestigious NMSDC Corporate Plus group of large certified MBEs.

Source: Matlet.