The Internet Printer

Internet-savvy commercial printers are taking advantage of new Web tools and services to better communicate with their clients and to fine-tune print production.


If any lingering doubt existed in the minds of industry executives that the Internet would, in fact, be a critical, production-oriented tool for commercial printing, that doubt can now safely be regarded as an echo of a bygone notion.

For all those still shaking their heads at the thought of the Internet as a viable player in digital prepress and overall print production, perhaps a takeoff on the popular motion picture persona Austin Powers might bring it home: The Internet is ready, baby!

Right now, the Web is targeting commercial printing in a big way. Beyond discussions of the Internet as a digital file transfer medium, new technologies and services—entirely new Internet startup companies—are banking that the World Wide Web will be the premiere backbone for a host of new applications for the modern commercial printer.

A new name to commercial printing, Noosh, an Internet-based business-to-business communication service, recently formed a strategic relationship with Adobe, fully integrating Adobe’s PDF technology for streamlining the prepress, printing and publishing process. By utilizing Noosh’s Live Jobs technology, print buyers, printers and creative agencies now have the opportunity to create and manage print jobs on the Noosh system., a new business-to-business e-commerce portal, is targeting the print purchasing and print production process for commercial printers and corporate print buyers. Commercial printers can turn to the Impresse Internet print procurement service for managing projects through production, maintaining contract relationships with customers and scoring new print orders.

Launched earlier this month, offers a broad variety of print industry content, including industry news, career information and discussion forums. is a destination site for print industry professionals and a suite of hosting services to help commercial printers quickly transform themselves into e-printers.

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