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TEC Harnesses the Internet to Improve Direct Mail Delivery

November 1, 2010
SUN PRAIRIE, WI—When direct mail becomes indirect, money is lost. Hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars get lost in a maze of wrong addresses, new names or new locations. Luckily, a TEC Mailing Solutions aims to fix this problem with a new way to use Web-based tools to facilitate address hygiene.

Updating mailing lists used to take days and required face-to-face contact with the agency, but TEC recently launched suite of programs that performs address hygiene in a matter of minutes, securely over the Internet.

“While address hygiene is not necessary every day, it's just like an oil change—you'll notice everything runs quite a bit smoother after doing one,” says Brian Euclide, president of TEC.

Whereas most mail list companies can cost upwards of $500, TEC's efficient Web-based tools allows it to provide extremely fast and efficient service over the internet. Average costs generally run $50, depending on the size of the order.

“We are the only USPS-licensed provider that offers this service in such an efficient manner,” says Euclide

TEC offers two levels of Web-based services. There’s which focuses upon small to medium sized businesses and consumers looking to work on lists of 100 to over 50,000. TEC Web Services provides a XML\SOAP solution to have larger users and providers to embed these services into already existing applications and storefronts.

These Web-based services are extremely popular. They provide the end-user with all the necessary tools without having to purchase, load, and maintain software. These products are ideal for any company or organization that utilizes the mail to communicate. Recently a non-profit organization processed their list through MailListCleaner and updated or removed roughly 15 percent of its currently mailing list. The result was a $6,000 savings by spending $100. That is a 60:1 ROI. With an updated list, you save money, reduce waste, and the message is laser guided directly to the customer—no duplicates, no lost money.

“The return on investment for this is phenomenal,” says Euclide. “Just imagine, no wasted postage, no wasted letters and the customer actually gets to see your message.”

In addition to saving money by making sure customers receive the message the first time, TEC also is recognized by the U.S. Postal Service as an approved “Move Update” solution. Undeliverable mail annually costs the USPS $2 billion and is a significant contributor to its operating deficits. As a result, mail list cleaning qualifies businesses for discounted postage, which further saves the company money and adds to the ROI.


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