Target – DRUPA 2000

The DRUPA exhibition, scheduled for May 18-31, in Dusseldorf, Germany, is now just one month away. Digital prepress technology trends targeting the international show include new PDF-based workflows, new color management tools and a variety of solutions to further automate front-end functionality. To map out the digital prepress direction of DRUPA 2000, Printing Impressions went direct to the sources . . .

Vector Versatility
Dennis Aubrey, CEO of the Altamira Group, on the limitless nature of images at DRUPA 2000 and into the next year—when digital images are no longer restricted in size or resolution.

The year 2000 will see a production world in which digital images are no longer restricted in size or resolution because they are described in terms of pixels. Instead, mathematical encoding structures will create completely scalable image assets that can be rendered to any size from a single lossless archival source. From a practical standpoint, this means that digital asset management systems will store only a single version of each image from which all output sizes and resolutions can be derived. The production process will no longer be encumbered by files that are generated by the requirements of output devices.

Instead, images will be scanned or generated at the full resolution of the capture device. This medium-size source file will be stored, edited, transmitted and proofed. Production artists and designers will be able to work in real-time. When a specific size and resolution are required for output, the source file will be used to generate that file from either an image editing or page description environment.

High-resolution print images will be served and transported over conventional phone lines via the Internet. The individual image will be as agile and as versatile as a vector graphic, while remaining capable of performing in the most demanding print environments.

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