Target – DRUPA 2000

Color Tool Demands
Iian Trevor Pike, senior marketing manager at X-Rite, on his firm’s upcoming series of color management devices and the color management market, in general, for DRUPA 2000.

Commercial printers will expect and demand color tools that work.

Bells and whistles are fine, but the prepress industry needs solid color control technology that really works, withneeded features at the most affordable prices available.

For DRUPA 2000, X-Rite will focus on continuing to deliver quality color tools that work with advancements in speed, compatibility and versatility that speak to multiple software applications. We will unveil a series of new products and innovations that will allow users to select the right tools for their particular color control needs. From new measurement technologies, software capabilities and color management functionality, X-Rite will continue to show why we’re the world’s leading color technology corporation.

In 1999, X-Rite made several significant additions to its product line. The ATS Publication System is a new color measurement system that caters to the specific needs of web printers, which utilize multiple ribbons, and where color bars are smaller than the historic, 6mm size. Coupled with this new system was the introduction of the latest in the 500 series. The micro-spot boasts the smallest aperture available today in a handheld spectrodensitometer, capable of measuring 1⁄16˝ color bars.

These small color bars are fast becoming state-of-the-art on short-cutoff web presses and in publishing environments such as newspapers. This technology is not only for publication printers; X-Rite sees the 500 micro-spot being critical to the control of color on packaging, inserts and screen printing, along with metal decorating, where the use of traditional color bars is not possible.

Early last year, we introduced a color measurement device that utilizes a USB interface in support of the new Apple Macintosh architecture. With the Monitor Optimizer USB, users can calibrate and profile a monitor—regardless of whether it is on the Mac or Windows platform.

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