Tabbing/Indexing Machines — Put It on My Tab

The Model AAT automatic tab laminate and diecut machine is available from Advent Machinery in sizes from 5×8˝ to 14×22˝. Features include computerized control of all machine functions. Simple, dual platen design is in lieu of dozens of heated rollers, thus permitting versatility to produce “special” jobs on glossy or coated stocks and quick turnaround for full body printed jobs.

The dual platen design features both upper and lower heaters with fully automatic temperature control. The platens provide for self-adjustment and alignment for all types and thickness of stock, thereby reducing setup times from job to job.

Options available include: automatic positioning/collating package; sheet edge reinforcing and/or hole punching in- or off-line; custom tab sizes, extensions and curvatures; step indexing die set for production of step index tabs; and feeder option, air pile, to provide 15.5×23˝ capacity.

Circle 388 on Reader Service Card

The Prim Hall in-line tabbing system provides accurate and repetitive applications of tabs to slim-jim and digest size books at speeds up to 28,000 books per hour. Tab sealer units are mounted after each applier to provide tight seal closure with negligible product distortion. Servo-driven speed compensation allows for precise positioning of the tab even when in jog mode.

In-line tabbing systems can be configured in a number of variations. Prim Hall can interface its system to any of the common trimmers or mail tables. Alternating between three-knife and five-knife work is easily accomplished to enhance the productivity and maximize the profit of existing lines.

The tab appliers are mounted to the tabbing table, allowing for adjustment in the X and Y planes to compensate for thickness and head to foot size variations, and can be easily moved to allow for non-tabbing work, as well. Prim Hall offers a complete line of mail systems, in-line or off-line, to complement user’s tabbing requirements.

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