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Available from Scott Equipment, the Scott Ten Thousand will unload 10,000 tabs per hour. The machine features 10 sets of heat rollers and two sets of non-heat rollers to bond the plastic to various thicknesses of paper. Special heat controllers reach and maintain an accurate temperature.

Users can set the counter for up to 999,999, push the start button and the Ten Thousand performs the rest. The instant the counter reaches the preset number, the Ten Thousand stops, avoiding costly overruns.

Also, when the machine runs out of tape, it immediately stops feeding paper. It takes just a few minutes to thread a new tape reel. A durable electric clutch and brake keep the plastic feeding smoothly. Pre-set plastic length dimensions automatically center the tape on the heated rolls.

The Ten Thousand comes with a set of highly wear-resistant, high chromium tool steel knives. The standard size is 1⁄2˝ (12.7mm). Five different size sets are available from Scott.

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From Spiel Associates, the Bat Tabber is an affordable tabbing machine designed for printers, in-plants and binderies. Small in price and in floor space, the machine uses dual, digitally controlled heating platens to fuse the Mylar instead of heated rollers. This allows for the tabbing of specialty stock or fully inked stock without streaking or marking. There is computer control over every machine function. This, coupled with a quick setup time, make the Bat Tabber easy to operate.

Also from Spiel Associates, the Power Tabber produces tabs without Mylar. It cuts up to a 5⁄8˝ lift of index stock with every stroke. Just place a lift of paper in the machine, press two buttons, and you have a lift of index tabs cut and ready to collate. It can cut up to 50,000 tabs per hour. It is also much more efficient to use the Power Tabber rather than tie up a slower, more expensive, Mylar tabbing machine. Cut paper, board or plastic with this high-volume machine. Operators can also cut custom patterns with the Power Tabber.

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