Sophisticated Press Used by Counterfeiters Is Seized

TROIS-RIVIERES, QUEBEC—It seems some of the most sophisticated counterfeit U.S. $20 bills ever produced weren’t even made in the United States. Canadian police here seized a printing press on Jan. 29 capable of churning out bogus Andrew Jacksons that weren’t noticeable to the untrained eye.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the U.S. Secret Service combined on an investigation that netted the press and enough specially watermarked paper to create in excess of $200 million worth of counterfeit $20s, the International Business Times reported.

The investigation, called “project CRANIUM,” has been ongoing for several years; in fact, a 2012 bust resulted in the arrest of four suspects. In that sting, police netted $950,000 in fake $20 bills and took down a finishing operation that added serial numbers and holographic features to make the bills appear real.

Four of the suspects allegedly involved in the counterfeiting ring were indicted earlier on charges related to the possession of fake money.