Survey Finds Creatives Want More Print Info

WESTMONT, IL—Printers who want to connect with customers from the creative side of the business should consider providing them with more information about the printing process, according to a recent survey conducted by MAN Roland. More than 87 percent of the creatives pooled declared that they need to be more knowledgeable about the printing process. Responding to a separate question, 91 percent say they would be willing to attend a free seminar to acquire more graphic arts expertise.

“Clearly, a lack of communication exists between printers and creatives,” says Yves Rogivue, CEO of MAN Roland. “Our study shows that the gap today seems to be wider than ever. That is alarming because advancements like digital workflows and computer-integrated manufacturing require closer cooperation between the creators of printed products and the experts who reproduce them.”

To rectify the situation, MAN Roland is developing a Printing for Creatives Seminar that will be offered to the North American creative community this summer. “Our plan is to address some of the more common challenges that designers and art directors face when going to print,” notes Christian Cerfontaine, director of marketing at MAN Roland. “As part of the program, we’re also going to be publishing printing tips within the publications that creatives read.”

The survey, which polled over 500 designers, art directors and other creatives who buy printing on a regular basis, asked respondents about specific topics in which they might be interested. “Controlling color more precisely” led the list. That top topic was closely followed by “What to look for on a press check” and “Ink and coating options.”

Respondents to the survey were also given an opportunity to recommend topics of their own. Many of the write-ins elaborated on topics suggested by the survey. Other answers ranged from “troubleshooting” to “how to evaluate printers.”

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