Survey Advantage Releases Q4 Print Buyer Satisfaction Results

JAMESTOWN, RI—Jan. 10, 2011—Survey Advantage has released its print buyer satisfaction ratings for the fourth quarter of 2010. Top performing printers achieved over 84 percent print buyer satisfaction, average performers 74 percent to 83 percent, and low performers under 74 percent.

Results were calculated by tabulating feedback from over 7,000 print buyers who evaluated the recent performance of hundreds of printers. The following group of category leaders achieved over 90 percent, with the best overall obtaining 96 percent satisfaction:

Independent Commercial:
Farley Printing, Wilmington, DE
Owner/Operator: William & Joseph Farley

Allegra Network site:
Allegra Print & Imaging, Spartanburg, SC
Owner/Operator: George Nixon

Franchise Services Network shop:
Sir Speedy, Havertown, PA
Owner/Operator: Michael Brown

AlphaGraphics Network shop:
Alphagraphics, Dallas
Owner/Operator: Sherry Perry

About the Print Buyer Satisfaction Index (PBSI)
Each quarter over 7,000 print buyer opinions are gathered to measure loyalty and satisfaction. The feedback is published to help printers react quickly to customer feedback and benchmark performance. Results are segmented by brand, size, and other classifications. The PBSI is the most comprehensive measure of performance available in the industry.

About Survey Advantage & Feedback Process
Survey Advantage developed the feedback process by partnering with 14 industry associations, 3 major printer franchises, and 9 leading print management software providers. The process helps printers preserve recurring revenue and expand sales with existing customers. The early warning system alerts management immediately when customer loyalty is slipping, and dashboards help printers react quickly to trends and individual feedback. The process is easy to implement for any size printer, and is affordable and effective. The vision of the program is to improve industry performance one printer at a time.

Source: Company press release.

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