Superior Lithographics Launches FirstTouch Interactive Packaging Solution

LOS ANGELES—June 6, 2011—Superior Lithographics, California’s leading large-format packaging printer, has launched FirstTouch, an all-in-one interactive packaging solution that slashes the costs and complexity of marketing products to consumers using Quick Response (QR) code technology and the mobile Web. With FirstTouch, retail packaged goods companies can easily add QR codes to make their current packaging interactive with a fully branded, hosted mobile Website with coupons, videos, recipes, social media, live chat and more. As a result, companies can market their products directly to consumers via their smartphones—instantly, in the store, while they shop.

The appeal of QR codes has exploded in recent months. Consumers simply scan the QR code with any smartphone, and are brought directly to a mobile Internet site with special promotions and other information. According to MGH Group’s QR Code Usage and Interest Survey (February 2011), 32 percent of U.S. smartphone users have scanned a QR code, while 70 percent plan to use a QR code again or for the first time. QR technology can now be found virtually everywhere, on coupons, circulars, billboards, and more.

“Companies have been marketing on the Internet for decades; now, it’s time for them to capitalize on the growth and power of the mobile Internet. While it’s easy to get a QR code, it can be both complex and cost-prohibitive to invest the development time and resources needed to build an effective mobile marketing site,” explained Andrew Rawson, president of Superior Lithographics. “FirstTouch simplifies that process, making interactive packaging an affordable option for virtually any company with a retail product.”

Superior’s FirstTouch offering is a turnkey solution that makes it fast and simple for companies to activate this latest advancement in consumer branding and engagement for their product lines. FirstTouch also offers comprehensive online reporting to easily track and measure the results of promotions and sales.