Summer Is the Time for Generating Hot Sales — DeWese

In case you haven’t been outside lately, it’s August; the temperature is 97° and the humidity is 97 percent. These are the Dog Days of summer.

These days are about lethargy, lemonade and lots of air conditioning. Lots of your brother and sister print salespeople just stop working in August. Why not? The boss is at the shore. Some salespeople rationalize that the print buyers seem to have crawled underground. These salespeople say, “Why should I work?” Most of the buyers are backpacking in the mountains or scuba diving in the cool waters of the Caribbean.

Well, I aim to do something about all this inactivity. I want the printing industry headed in the right direction. I’m tired of hearing CEOs moan and whine about poor sales.

A few years ago I sponsored the First Great American Print Sales Prospecting Contest. That contest had hundreds of company entrants and sparked a period of unprecedented growth in the printing industry.

I am announcing the Second Great American Print Sales Prospecting Contest. When you read the rules and the prizes, I know you will want your company to participate.

First, I will tantalize you with the prizes.

I will fly, at my expense, to the winning company cities where I will wash the cars of the winning salespeople in the company parking lot. The CEO and the sales manager at each winning company must help me.

I will then take the winning salespeople to dinner where I will present individual engraved trophies and championship t-shirts.

The winning team will receive a Mañana Man sombrero to display in the sales department.

The winning teams will be featured, with group pictures, in this magazine. This automatically makes the winners famous and eligible for guest spots on the Oprah Winfrey show.

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