Stay in the Driver’s Seat —Cagle

Mindful of Tony Stewart in his rear view, Gordon was reactive and not proactive. You cannot afford to worry about what your competition is doing. Is your company taking care of business and expanding into areas that can provide value for customers? Do you offer clients turnkey solutions that will prevent them from jumping ship for the lower cost provider?

Are your customers in love with you? Really, are they? If they love you, there’s nothing to worry about.

PASSED OVER: Big Apple Mayor Michael Bloomberg was in a pool of prospective jury servers for duty in State Supreme Court, but was passed over in an asbestos litigation lawsuit. The plaintiff was a woman whose husband, a former printing press operator, had died after years of alleged exposure to the asbestos that was contained in the brakes.

After two days of not getting picked, the billionaire mayor went back to his day job.

BOGUS BUCKS: In the era of counterfeiting, the good ’ol U.S. greenback remains a popular target of thieves looking to literally make a few extra dollars. We have a couple of stories out of the New England area, with contrasting counterfeit quality, but ultimately the same result: a bust.

In July, a 17-year-old was arrested in Somerset, MA, and charged with 15 counts of forgery, possession of counterfeit money and conspiracy. The teen used his dad’s computer and printer to generate the ersatz scratch. While the reproduction quality was strong for a home office printer, the giveaway was the inferior paper he used.

Not that using a photo copier increases your chances of being able to pawn off bum bucks. Jeremy Hurd, 36, of Utica, NY, was arrested after an investigation by Salem, NH, police led to the discovery of $1,500 in counterfeit twenties and fifties. Authorities said the fake money was of a sufficient quality to fool area businesses where they had been passed.

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