Startup Out to Be a Wide-Format Trade Printer with Screen Truepress Jet2500UV

Brock’s familiarity with inkjet technology served him well in deciding which printing system to purchase. “The Truepress Jet2500UV can do so many things other devices can’t do,” he said. “It prints on all the vinyl and plastic substrates, ceramic tile, wood and metal up to 2˝ thick. We use CMYK plus white ink. The multiple layer option enables us to print seven image layers, which improves the performance of double-sided window stickers and backlit displays.”

Specialized Output Printing is well positioned where image quality is the primary concern. Wide-format inkjet is no longer just for billboards and signs to be read from several yards away, Brock said. “The Truepress Jet2500UV prints detailed images at up to 1,500 dpi resolution. It handles 4-point type for signage that is intended to be read close up. No machine can print better than this. It’s a surgical instrument.”

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