Standard Register’s Green Efforts Surpass Its Expectations

Standard Register has moved from acid-based paper to alkaline, petroleum-based inks to soy, alcohol-based fountain solutions to synthetic and implemented a computer-to-plate technology in its printing business. It has an extensive recycling program and every facility monitors its trash, waste and hazardous waste practices. An internal mailbox for “green” suggestions has been set up to facilitate sharing of information to develop best practices, and an internal newsletter, The Green Scene, keeps all employees up to date on the company’s sustainability efforts.

Standard Register engaged with Delta Institute of Chicago and Roadmap Green of Des Plaines, to catalog the greenhouse gas emissions from its production, warehouse, distribution and sales facilities nationwide. McDonell said the company is using the results of the CDP study as a blueprint to enhance its environmental programs. “Our program will continue focusing on zero hazardous waste, lower waste to landfill, taking advantage of waste-to-energy options when viable, energy reduction and increased community involvement,” he said.

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Source: Standard Register.

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