The BB500 semi-automatic Wire-O binder features speeds of up to 1,200 books per hour. Most settings are variable and controllable through a PLC keypad. It will bind flush cut, overhanging and wraparound covers, as well as extended index tabs.

On the plastic side, James Burn offers the UniCoil CB30 automatic coil inserter, which automatically inserts, cuts and crimps both ends of UniCoil plastic coil elements. It is a floor model with foot pedal operation, variable speed coil feed and quick loading coil. The CB30 can bind up to 500 books per hour.

Plastic spiral binding is the only mechanical binding method that can actually be installed by hand, points out Anna Massey, sales and marketing manager for Gateway Bookbinding Systems of Pembina, ND. This is an example of how simplistic, yet effective, the method is.

Simplicity Personified

“Obviously (hand binding) is not an option for the bindery or in-plant operation, but it does exemplify the simplicity of the process,” she explains. “Once the holes are punched in the book, the plastic spiral is wound through the holes, with the ends needing a bend to keep from unwinding. It is a two-step process, the first being to punch the holes and the second to insert the coil–irregardless of whose equipment one is using.”

Being a simple process has its advantages, especially in today’s marketplace. Printers and trade binderies want a machine that is user-friendly, Massey continues, and plastic coil binding is a good fit for these needs.

“They want equipment that even an untrained employee can operate easily and be productive,” she contends. “They also want a machine that can handle every possible book thickness that they might do.”

PRINT 01 saw the unveiling of Gateway’s Plastikoil Concept III for the manufacturing and automated insertion of plastic spiral binding. The Plastikoil Concept III interlines the Plastikoil New Concept Former with the PBS 3000 Auto Coil Inserter. Plastic spiral binding is formed in the diameter and length needed, then immediately conveyed into position on the PBS 3000 Auto Inserter, with the operator simply activating the foot pedal to complete the coil insertion into the book with a simultaneous cut and bend of both coil ends.

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