Special Drupa Coverage — Manufacturers Press Ahead

KBA proclaimed itself the “makeready champion” at Drupa based on the time it took to print 15 different jobs on an eight-color Rapida 106 perfector.

Activity remained brisk for Heidelberg, which provided ongoing sheetfed press demonstrations of new Speedmaster models ranging from 20˝ to 64˝ formats.

manroland coupled its name change and rebranding effort with a new 20˝ model, enhancements to the Roland 700 series and automated, large-format perfecting. (Photo by renetillmann.com/ Messe Duesseldorf)

Heidelberg also unveiled the 20? Speedmaster SM 52 and 29? Speedmaster SM 74 series, which combine the former Printmaster PM 52/74 and Speedmaster SM 52/74 models. They are available in customized configurations, ranging from a standard-pile delivery to a fully automated press with high-pile delivery. The SM 52 version with Anicolor short inking unit technology now also supports spot colors.

Faster Makereadies, New Features

Over in Hall 16, KBA laid claim to being the world makeready champion at Drupa after a demonstration of printing a total of 15 jobs, each of 520 good sheets, in just 59 minutes and 36 seconds on an eight-color Rapida 106 perfector. The run entailed 14 complete makereadies. The new 29×413/4?, 18,000 sph press (15,000 sph in perfecting mode) features DriveTronic dedicated drives for presetting the feeder, improving sheet travel in the sidelay-free infeed and for the plate cylinders to enable simultaneous plate changes in under 60 seconds.

Also new, the Rapida 105 (replaces the 105 universal) is available with up to seven printing units and a choice of coaters. Maximum speeds are 15,000 sph (16,500 sph with the HS package). Running under the Windows XP operating system, UV/hybrid and automatic plate changing are optional. A DriveTronic shaftless feeder is standard. KBA’s Rapida 75, which builds on the Rapida 74 and Performa 74, enjoys 30 new features and an optional, larger 233/4×291/2? format.

In the large-format arena, KBA showed an eight-color (4/4), 56? Rapida 142 perfector with new enhancements designed for commercial printers. These include optimized sheet guides with fewer, narrower corridors; a new perfector delivery; as well as QualiTronic color control, in-line sheet inspection and sheet tagging systems.

In addition, the print length of the perfector version of the 64? Rapida 162a has been extended to 46?, making it possible to use the full sheet size of 471/4×633/4? when perfecting.

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