Like Avon Press, Brook & Whittle, a pressure-sensitive label printer in North Brandford, CT, has developed a strong working partnership with its ink supplier, SICPA.

The printer, which does work for companies such as Gillette, Yankee Candle and Pepsi, began working with SICPA a year ago after experiencing compatibility issues.

“We brought SICPA in to help us solve a problem. The inks weren’t laying down properly. They were pin-holing and keeping us from producing a quality product and running at the necessary speed to compete in this market,” recalls Steven Stewart, Brook & Whittle president.

SICPA was able to solve compatibility issues with its line of UV rotary screen 78-3 series and UV flexo 39-5 series inks. “We use screen in combination with UV flexo inks,” adds Stewart. “Compatibility is the big issue there—putting screen under UV flexo or vice versa.”

As part of SICPA’s ongoing partnership with the printer, any time there’s a special job on-press, a SICPA representative travels to the plant to help ensure the color quality of the job.

“We do work a lot of eight-, nine-and 10-color printing work. SICPA has helped us meet the quality standards that our clients demand from us ,” he concludes.

Sun Valley, CA-based Brothers Printing, a commercial shop specializing in political printing, has enjoyed a 25-year relationship with Gans Ink.

“We’ve worked with Gans almost exclusively. They provide great specialty colors and are able to mix and deliver colors the same day,” explains Brian Cohen, a co-partner at Brothers Printing. “They have real good service and a very consistent product.”

A Tiger in the Press
Brothers uses Gans’ Bengal four-color process inks for most of its work, according to Cohen.

Gans’ stay-open ink not only helps Cohen produce high-quality jobs, it improves his productivity, as well. “The stay-open inks can stay open for hours on a press. It doesn’t require us to wash up and that translates into time and material savings, which translates into money,” he says.

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