When a printer opens up a can of ink, he sees more than just cyan, magenta, yellow, black or a PMS color. He also sees things like trust, quality and technical support, which all help ensure that each batch is as good as the last. It’s this combination of product and customer service that is essential for any printer. And the way to develop this winning combination is through a working partnership with an ink supplier.

Whether you’re a commercial, quick or label printer, a good relationship with an ink supplier helps ensure quality printed products.

One true-life example of the right formulation helping to improve a printer’s business is the story of Avon Press in Hauppauge, NY, and its partnership with Van Son Holland Ink.

For Avon Press Vice President of Manufacturing Marvin Freeman, opening a can of ink used to be like opening a can of worms. “We had a lot of problems matching PMS colors. The ink didn’t pop and wasn’t sharp.”

To try and solve his problems, Freeman turned to Van Son. And after just one press run, Freeman was sold. “We could immediately see the difference in Van Son’s gloss content versus the other ink company that we were using,” he remarks.

Speeds Press Checks
Today, Avon Press uses Van Son Holland’s Signature process inks and Quickson Plus PMS color ink.

“The dot prints extremely clear. We can match our digital proof or traditional Matchprints better with Van Son inks. This allows our press clients to be on-press for just a few minutes, so it saves them time, as well,” Freeman reveals.

But it is not just the quality of Van Son’s ink that left a lasting impression on Freeman. Almost as important has been its customer support.

“Their technical support and customer service have been very good. Van Son sales representatives regularly call to make sure everything is consistently OK. If we have a specialty job running, a sales rep will often come to watch it run on-press. It makes a big difference because they are there, backing up their product,” Freeman says.

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