Small Win for ‘Do Not Mail’ Supporters

SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a non-binding resolution Tuesday calling on the state of California and the U.S. Congress to create a Do Not Mail registry. The board approved the resolution, sponsored by supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, by a 9-2 vote.

“The symbolism is probably more concerning that the actual resolution,” says Lisbeth Lyons, vice president of Government Affairs for Printing Industries of America. “We don’t expect to see a nationwide bill introduced by Congress anytime soon, but it’s always concerning when you see a state the size of California, with its reputation for progressive leadership when it comes to initiatives like this, get involved in Do Not Mail.”

Printers, mailers, advertisers, small businesses and the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) would be severely impacted by the creation of a federal Do Not Mail registry, and any state-passed registry would certainly provide a gateway to a national effort. The USPS, already facing a drastic decline in volume, is projecting a loss of $6 billion in 2009.

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