Owner’s Death Prompts Printer to Close Shop

FORT WALTON BEACH, FL—As is the case with many industries, the mom-and-pop shop continues to disappear from the American printer landscape. A recent case comes on the heels of the death of its longtime proprietor.

Stanford Printing, a staple serving the community here for more than 50 years, will stop taking orders at the end of October, the Daily News reported. Its owner, Frank Windham, passed away in September and his family opted to not continue the printing business.

“It just felt like the way things are in the economy and the decline in the printing business that it was time for us to go ahead and lock the doors,” Shayne Stewart, Windham’s son, told the newspaper. “It was his business, and when he passed away we kind of felt like the business went along with him.

“My parents ran a very successful business for their 40 years of it. There are no regrets,” he added. “We were proud to serve that little niche of folks. It’s kind of sad to see this era pass after four decades.”

Stewart anticipates fulfilling orders in early November. After that, the equipment will be liquidated. In the meantime, employees are assisting customers in transferring their files and various materials to other printers, the newspaper said.

Windham purchased the company in 1973 from the estate of Joe Stanford. The business began as an ancillary offering to Madaris Office Supply in 1960. It was noted for printing high school football programs and event tickets for the Emerald Coast Concert Association, along with business cards, forms and letterhead.