Sheetfed Presses–Lean, Mean One-pass Machines

Convertible in layout, perfecting presses attract profits. In fact, any press capable of performing numerous functions stands a good chance of drawing work.

“The commercial market is trending toward greater flexibility in the market,” notes MAN Roland’s Wayne Perk, manager, marketing services.

Medium to large sheetfed printers, with the proper focus, can creep into markets beyond traditional commercial sheetfed applications. “The Roland 900 press provides printers with flexibility by allowing them to do commercial printing as well as serve the publications and high-end packaging markets,” Perk offers.

In addition to opening new markets, a sheetfed press—equipped with the appropriate auxiliary equipment—can excel in an existing segment. Add to the sheetfed process time-saving enhancements such as in-line multiple coating, closed-loop ink densitometry systems and advanced drying/ curing systems, and the opportunity arises for the enterprising printer to capture a larger chunk of market share. (See “Maximizing More Than the Metal”.)

Still, loading up on every option may not be the only method of getting the most out of your machine. Following, some vendors lend their tips on investing in sheetfed presses.

Q. What advice could you give readers who are seeking to maximize productivity and profitability?

  • “To be equipped with options and configurations that fit your needs of productivity and profitability, and to not just follow the trends.”—Don Trytten, vice president and general manager, xpedx (formerly ResourceNet International)

  • “Printers are bombarded with new technology, some of it very helpful. The printer needs to stay focused and keep in mind the pressroom is still the nucleus of the business. Grow the center first and buy on a ‘need’ basis the support equipment.” —Dan Macke, national sales manager, Polly USA
  • “Choose only those automation features on new presses where there is a measurable return on investment.”—Robert McKinney, director of marketing, KBA-Planeta

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