Kodak Aims to Stop Ex-Worker from Joining HP

ROCHESTER, NY—Concerned that sensitive technology secrets could end up in the hands of its competitor, Eastman Kodak is suing a laid-off executive to prevent him from joining rival HP, according to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. The concern is that HP’s T300 line is in direct competition with the new Kodak Prosper ink-jet printing technology.

Kodak sought out a court order to enforce the non-compete clause signed by Robert Carmosino which, if upheld, would keep him from joining the ranks of HP for 18 months. The lawsuit contends that Kodak notified Carmosino last November that vice president-level executives covering various business or strategic accounts were to be replaced by a single vice president covering a certain region, the paper reported. Carmosino, who joined the company in 2006 as vice president of global and strategic account sales for the Graphic Communications Group, was among those impacted, but was asked to remain with Kodak through this March.

In January, Carmosino informed Kodak that he accepted a position with HP, guiding marketing and sales for the commercial printing market. Kodak thus believes Carmosino is in violation of the non-compete clause. According to the Democrat and Chronicle, Carmosino and the two companies tried to reach a compromise on a position for him to take with HP, but those negotiations broke down.

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  • http://BeeserStL BeeserStL

    Maybe they shouldn;t have fired him. That’s what they get for being stupid. The guy’s got to get a job. I hope Kodak loses this battle.

  • http://BarryClark Barry Clark

    In these difficult economic times layoffs are a fact of life. I am so tired of hearing “non-compete clause”.

    If Mr. Carosino quit to join the competition I completely agree with Kodak, but that’s not the case. Without knowing the facts, I would suggest that if Kodak doesn’t want their former employee to continue in his chosen line of work that they give him 18 months of compensation (which they may have done – and that’s a different story ) to live on while he waits out the non-compete.

  • http://MikeSummers Mike Summers

    Another Kodak moment.