Semper Survey Finds Increased Pessimism, Negative Industry Outlook

BOSTON—August 10, 2011—Semper International, the leading placement firm for skilled help in the graphic arts and printing industry, has released the findings of its most recent printing industry quarterly survey. The expected second quarter revenue dip was reminiscent of the drop previously experienced before the 2008 recession. Stagnant hiring and an upward trend in layoffs suggest entrenched pessimism in the marketplace.

Since February 2003, Semper International has provided a quarterly survey offering estimates of trends in the printing and graphics industries. Survey participants include more than 300 small, medium and large printing companies—both clients and prospects of Semper International.

“Responses show concern for the rest of the third quarter. We expected to see the sales start to increase for this time period. Several respondents cited the debt ceiling debate as a threat to sales,” noted Dave Regan, CEO Semper International. “While outlooks remain negative, the slow down in revenue and profits appears to be comparable to the second quarter lag we typically saw before the recession.”

The most recent survey indicates more negative business trends:

• 62 percent of companies surveyed reported a profitable Q2. This represents a decrease of 2 percentage points from Q1.

• Looking at the first two weeks of Q3, current sales are down 8 percent over the last quarter, likely an indication of the traditional second-quarter slowdown. The number of companies reporting a decrease in sales is up nearly 12 percentage points.

• 20 percent of the companies interviewed expected sales to decrease through the remainder of Q3, 2011. Last quarter, only 11 percent expected a sales decrease.

• The vast majority of respondents indicated that hiring levels will remain the same, or increase. These results were nearly identical to last quarter. The number of companies laying off employees has been trending upward very slightly over the last year.

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  • JiltedByPrinting

    I can attest to the prevailing mood first hand, having gone through 5-6 rounds of layoffs in the last 2 years and survived, those of us that are still employed are beaten down, and wondering when the next ax will fall. We all took salary cuts up 15-20% and still have at least one furlough day per pay period, some times 2. Of course the work load is higher, since the staffing is lower and stress is always evident in the shop. Almost every person is actively looking for other work, most times away from the print industry, there’s no confidence that it will recover enough to make staying worthwhile. I hope we’re wrong, but I also doubt that many of us will be around to find out.

    Ironically, there are 2 Suggested Stories in the right side bar of this posting, both from Semper and both citing Increased Hiring & a Rebound within the industry.