Screen Truepress Jet2500UV Helps Olympus Group Stretch its Capabilities

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL—Feb. 8, 2011—As a leader in custom printing specializing in wide- and grand-format graphics, Olympus Group has provided branding solutions for over 118 years. Headquartered in Milwaukee, the company does business with some pretty high-profile clients. The digital and screen printing specialist has created custom print solutions, as well as custom mascot characters, for food and beverage giants, storied ball clubs and popular motor sports organizations.

Olympus utilizes wide-format and grand-format digital printers, traditional screen printing equipment and dye sublimation technology to deliver distinctive color graphics. The latest addition to its printing arsenal is a Screen Truepress Jet2500UV inkjet printing system.

“We have built a reputation on exceeding our customers’ expectations and are always looking for the next level of service and quality we can provide,” stated Andy Arkin, technical director. “We are constantly researching the newest technologies in the market. We wanted a dependable UV inkjet printer that could generate quality superior to our existing machines and serve as a backup system when necessary to get the job done.”

Olympus was founded in 1893 as a manufacturer of banners and pennants. Since manufacturing its first U.S. flag in 1914, Olympus has continued its original product offerings along with a complete line of U.S. and specialty flags, while expanding the products and services throughout the years. Today, point-of-purchase displays, special event signage, table coverings, wall murals, theatrical curtains, billboards and vehicle graphics test the $15 million firm’s talents.

The average turnaround time for most jobs is three to five days. In many cases, however, customers place orders in the morning for shipment later in the afternoon.

“Our turnaround times are so short that, if we have a problem with hardware or software where the machine goes down, we still have to be able to produce and ship completed materials the same day,” Arkin said. “We realized that we needed redundant capabilities. Buying the exact model printer that we currently use was an option, but it would have prevented us from taking advantage of new technology that enables higher print quality. Screen’s improvements to the speed and printing functions made the Truepress Jet2500UV extremely competitive with better-known production printers in its class.”

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