Scodix Introducing Two Digital Print Enhancement Products at drupa

Drupa 2012 is set to run May 3-16, 2012, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

ISRAEL—March 21, 2012—At drupa 2012, Scodix bursts onto the scene by launching a newly created Scodix Rainbow and Scodix Inkjet-Braille solution for digital print enhancements.

The Scodix Rainbow is an add-on station that digitally applies glitter powder to selected areas over printed substrates. The process—Scodix Digital-Glittering—is a patent pending new print technology that brings the sparkle to printed materials.

Suitable for a range of applications, including photo books, labels and packaging, greetings and business cards, books and marketing presentations, Scodix Digital-Glittering offers an opportunity for print service providers to turn ordinary applications into extraordinary creations.

Based on the ScodixSENSE printing process, the latest inkjet solutions also creates a clear thick polymer as high as 250 microns to enable the reproduction of Braille letters and graphic shapes for blind and visually-impaired users to touch and feel. Printing special enhancements that make prints really stand out, ScodixSENSE creates real value to any image and offers print service providers with the capability to add service differentiation to printed products.

The drupa launches include:

• The new Scodix Digital Press S52 and S74 in B2+ (52cm) and B3+ (74cm) sizes. These products, capable of printing on thicker substrates and providing a higher ScodixSENSETM solution up to 250 microns, open more opportunities to print service providers. As a stand-alone solution compatible with offset, laminated sheets and digital print feeds, the presses can automatically process substrates from 135 to 675gsm (6-30 points) and thickness up to 700 microns.

• The Scodix Rainbow Station is the world’s first in-house digital inkjet glittering station producing the Scodix Digital-Glittering experience. Scodix is now the only supplier to deliver this one-of-a-kind glitter solution, creating new opportunities for photo-album covers, marketing communication materials, premium packages, cosmetics boxes, business cards, wedding invitations and other short-run applications. Operating on a dedicated UV ink-jet station enables glitter printing on any color or transparency in just one simple pass.

• The Scodix Inkjet-Braille™ technology is a breakthrough in providing materials to the blind and visually impaired. In addition to recreating standard raised Braille formats, the Scodix ink-jet Braille technology can also reproduce scientific elements, shapes such as triangles and circles, and animal forms. Unlike regular Braille, the letters and shapes created by Scodix stay raised at the same height, never flatten and are very easy to sense read.

The Scodix S Digital Press series that creates the tangible Scodix SENSE experience uses advanced jetting block and multiple independently controlled inkjet nozzles that delivers Scodix’ proprietary PolySENSE clear polymer in small drops and multiple layers. The Scodix patent-pending Optical Print Alignment (OPA) camera system executes enhancements with pinpoint accuracy, scanning each and every sheet to ensure delivery of the Scodix PolySENSE clear polymer to its exact location.

Kobi Bar, CEO and founder of Scodix, said, “Our mission is to lead print enhancements into the digital age with our commitment and passion to continuously provide our customers, and in turn their customers, with what they need most. Since Scodix’ enhancement products are modular and their new features are add-ons that can be fully integrated into customers’ existing Scodix systems, print service providers can easily and cost-effectively provide the ScodixSENSE experience on the majority of graphic art requests.”