SCICOM Data Services Installs Xerox iGen4 220 Perfecting Press

MINNETONKA, MN/ROCHESTER, NY—March 3, 2011—SCICOM Data Services is the first service bureau to install Xerox Corp.’s iGen4 220 perfecting press. The cut-sheet digital color press enables SCICOM to produce more financial statements with customized messages and colorful graphics faster; turning ordinary documents into valuable marketing tools for their clients.

“Our clients see the value of printing transactional documents with superb image quality and color, but they don’t want to pay an excessive premium for it,” said Tim Johnson, CEO, SCICOM Data Services. “With the iGen4 220, we can do that plus give them the opportunity to do more with their documents, including personalized marketing messages, which is good for our clients’ businesses.”

The Xerox iGen4 220 is configured with two Xerox iGen4 110 presses running in tandem. By integrating the Xerox iGen4 110 engines in-line, the system prints 220 impressions per minute and approaches a monthly print volume of up to seven million impressions.

SCICOM is using the iGen4 220 to produce jobs for clients in the financial, insurance, healthcare, utilities and manufacturing sectors.

Johnson described the iGen4 220 as “a solution we’ve been seeking for a long time,” and noted the following capabilities played a role in the purchase:

• Flexibility with paper size/type: prints attention-grabbing inserts and other types of marketing material along with standard sized transactional documents.

• Productivity: calibrates color automatically to ensure SCICOM delivers precise brand color matches.

• Application flexibility: provides a total solution for SCICOM customers.

• Finishing options: saves dollars by printing on most cost-effective sheet size and eliminates labor-intensive manual cutting and stacking with the CEM DocuConverter.

SCICOM is leveraging Xerox’s Digital Business Resources to drive more print jobs to the press with marketing plans, sales management consulting and customized sales training.

Source: Company press release.

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