Rising Stars Confirm We’re in Good Hands —Michelson

Likewise, reflecting on how full-color printing capabilities continue to be pushed further downstream into the hands of consumers, 32-year-old Ellen Gillespie advises that printers must prove to clients why “do-it-yourself” is not necessarily the best solution. “If we can provide them with better print quality, papers, finishing and faster service, we will ensure that commercial printing is always in demand.”

Several common themes permeate among the up-and-comers profiled. One is their unwavering commitment to team building within their respective organizations. Hire the best people possible, give them all of the tools and ongoing education they need to perform their jobs, but then get out of the way. They also acknowledge that printing is a very service-intensive business, one that requires close and creative interaction with customers. These future leaders realize, as well, that their long-term business success mandates hard work, flexibility, integrity and a sense of passion. They found out, early on, that excelling within the printing industry is not for the faint-hearted.

Call this issue’s cover story a feel-good piece if you want. But I can’t think of a better time when printers—many feeling under the weather and more than a tad worn down by the recession—needed a shot in the arm to feel a greater sense of pride and optimism about the prognosis for their chosen profession. Perhaps, just what the doctor ordered.

Mark T. Michelson

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