Riding DRUPA’s Prepress Wave

On the bill for DRUPA 2000 are a virtual army of new imagesetters, a variety of digital platesetters, plus PDF tools, new thermal consumables and scanning systems galore.


It seems almost ironic that, after DRUPA 1995 called for the prepress industry to move its collective reasoning away from film-based environments and toward the promise of thermal CTP, that DRUPA 2000 would arrive, after much anticipation and press attention, and tout almost the opposite.

Film is not dead. Imagesetters are still hot technologies. Guess what, so are platesetting devices for conventional and thermal CTP; so are new digital proofers; and so are new workflow technologies for an acronym unknown at DRUPA 1995 and now almost overused—PDF.

DRUPA 2000 is primed to be the DRUPA that will give the commercial printer more choices than ever for premedia technologies—red, green, thermal and the newest entry, blue-violet laser output devices will be plentiful, bringing the flexibility and quality of digital prepress environments to new economies of scale for today’s commercial printers.

In recent weeks, several key prepress technology manufacturers have hosted international press events in locations ranging from historic Boston, to the ageless European towns of Dusseldorf and Hamburg, Germany, to the desert sands of Israel. At all events, Printing Impressions was there—taking notes on the up-to-the-minute prepress technologies targeting DRUPA 2000.

It is the distinct pleasure of Printing Impressions to share its DRUPA 2000 prepress technology notebook with its readers. Additionally, Printing Impressions will present a full report from Dusseldorf, Germany, on the entire spectacle that is DRUPA 2000, May 18 to 31.

DRUPA 2000, and all its products, corporate alliances and market trends, will dominate the June issue of Printing Impressions—and the entire printing industry as a whole. For this minute, though, consider this prepress notebook the shape of DRUPA 2000 news to come.

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