Ricoh Expands Its Global Managed Document Services

“Ricoh recognizes that global workforce trends, new technologies and the economy are transforming the way our customers must approach document management. It is now a key priority for CIOs to ensure their organizations are ready to meet the challenges brought by these forces,” said Mr. Shiro Kondo, President and CEO, Ricoh Company, Ltd. “Therefore, we are making additional investments to help lead our customers in the implementation of secure information infrastructure solutions that help them to become more agile, responsive and productive. Through our on-site and off-site support, we help our customers stay focused on revenue-generating activities, while we do what we do best—optimize workflows.”

A Holistic Approach

Ricoh’s investment in its global MDS infrastructure is designed to strengthen its best practices approach and technologies across its global footprint and help the company achieve an annual MDS revenue target of $3.3 billion by FY2013.

Investments will focus on reinforcing Ricoh’s key strengths and leadership including:

• Enhancing Ricoh’s adaptive customer-focused approach, in which Ricoh partners with businesses to help them meet their goals. This approach includes development of Ricoh’s global change management professional services offering, based upon Prosci’s ADKAR change management methodology, which is designed to help employees permanently change costly document-related behaviors. In addition, Ricoh has globally adopted the ITIL service delivery framework, which is the most widely used approach to IT services management. Ricoh is also increasing the number of services teams professionally certified in the ITIL and the ADKAR methodologies.

• Improving Ricoh’s holistic, vendor-agnostic approach to information, infrastructure and process management. This approach allows Ricoh to manage a company’s entire fleet, regardless of manufacturer. This holistic approach will be further enhanced as Ricoh accelerates the delivery of a suite of cloud-type tools for device and print management, optimization and decision support.

• Broadening Ricoh’s global MDS workforce as well as globally standardizing its sales and services training. This is critical to maintaining a globally consistent approach to services delivery, regardless of where the customer’s offices are located. Ricoh has one of the industry’s largest direct sales and services organizations, which currently includes 30,000 services professionals.

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