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Remote Proofing--Satellite Collaboration

April 2000
New technologies and applications are emerging for remote proofing. Topping the latest trends are new file transfer technologies for rendering proofs remotely, new software solutions for annotating conceptual proofs and interactive conferencing via the Internet—turning remote proofing into the ultimate, simultaneous satellite collaboration.


The motives for exploring and adopting remote proofing are the same this year as they were last year and the year before: Save production time, while at the same time develop a closer, more effective working relationship between printer and print buyer by leveraging remote proofing as a value-added service.

What is different this year? So far, there exists a new fervor in the file transfer component of the remote proofing issue. There is now a glowing fire lit underneath the whole concept of remote proofing, thanks to new file transfer technologies allowing for larger data transfers, and more militant control over file integrity and—through the Internet—security issues. The new zeal over transmitting files for the express purpose of remote proofing is apparent in a series of recent announcements on the transmission side of the remote equation.

RealTimeImage, a provider of Internet-based imaging products, recently announced that it has formed a partnership with Digital Art Exchange (DAX) through which RealTimeProof, RealTimeImage's online proofing service, will become part of the suite of digital workflow tools available to customers of DAX's managed Internet services.

RealTimeProof is an online proofing service offering imaging quality for Web-based soft and remote hard proofing. With RealTimeProof, gigabytes of original production data can be viewed in full resolution with a Web browser in seconds, even over a dial-up connection.

DGNOnline, a graphic arts application service provider, and Group Logic, a networking and telecom software publisher, have recently announced a partnership to provide an Internet-based, interactive conferencing service to graphic arts professionals. TeamProof, the new service, is a Web-based solution that allows graphic arts professionals to communicate effectively while providing fast review and approval of ready-for-print materials. Imagexpo 2.5, the latest version of Group Logic's remote soft proofing and annotation software, is leveraged within TeamProof.

Vio Worldwide has signaled its intentions in this remote proofing direction, as well, by introducing a range of third-party applications for its service, including distribute-and-print workflows with Vio RemoteProof and Vio RemotePrint. Also on the Vio network, users have access to Vio RenderView, a collaborative soft proofing application developed by RealTimeImage.

Miranda Tivey, worldwide marketing director, explains the Vio positioning: "Our goal is for Vio to be the essential link between different and remote elements in any digital production process, automating the transfer of information between applications wherever possible and providing the glue in the workflow."


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