Multi-Packaging Solutions of Dallas Reports Record Timing Install of Eagle Systems Cold Foiler

Standing, from left, Travis McDonough, Multi-Packaging Solutions; Mike King, CEO/president of Eagle Systems; and Jeff Leech, pressroom manager at Multi-Packaging Solutions.

DALLAS—August 15, 2014—Multi-Packaging Solutions (MPS) has installed an Eagle Systems Cold Foiler on an eight-color Komori press at its facility based here.

Mike King, CEO/president of Eagle Systems, was on site for the start-up of the process—passing the machine from Eagle technician to Multi-Packaging press operators.

Jeff Leech, pressroom manager commented on the installation:

“Amazing equipment and service. They began install late Monday night. Tech working until almost 11:00 p.m. and then back in at 7:00 a.m. to get us up and running as quickly as possible. In the early evening on Tuesday the machine was installed and ready to produce. Production requirements wouldn’t allow for formal testing and by the end of the first shift on Thursday we already had seven production jobs completed!”

Leech added: “This machine basically operates itself. I was really surprised by how easily the operators were able to adapt to running Cold Foil while printing. I was really concerned about foil breaking at high speeds but the machine adapts perfectly.”

MPS is a leader in Cold Foil application worldwide with several Cold Foilers throughout its worldwide locations.

Source: Eagle Systems.

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  • Joe Eudy

    Congrats to Travis, Jeff and all the team in the background (Pressmen, Bill Slaght, Scott and others involved).
    The cold foil product looked really good to me!