Quad Dedicates Statue

SUSSEX, WI—A 16-foot, abstract sculpture has been erected in the memory of Quad/Graphics’ founder, the late Harry V. Quadracci. Recently, family and friends of Quadracci joined together at the main entrance of the company’s plant here to take part in the dedication of the sculpture.

Perched atop a four-foot Lannon stone pedestal and surrounded by plantings of euonomous and boxwood bushes, the sculpture is the creation of Richard Taylor, one of Harry Quadracci’s favorite artists who served as the company’s resident artist from 1987 to 1999. Taylor has earned renown for his works on display in Chicago-area banks and businesses, as well as Chicago’s Navy Pier and Milwaukee’s Riverwalk and Marcus Center for the Performing Arts.

“Nine months ago, we contacted Richard to create something special for this space that is both beautiful and meaningful,” says Quad/Graphics President and CEO Tom Quadracci. “Richard has been a part of Quad/Graphics for many years and worked closely with Harry, so he was the obvious choice to create this work.”

The sculpture features abstract representations of things Taylor closely associated with Quadracci and Quad/Graphics, including ovals reminiscent of the company’s corporate logo and the wheel on the late Harry R. “Senior” Quadracci’s first press, the Belle City Queen, which stands in the front lobby of the Sussex plant. With a little more imagination, you might even find a bow tie or a heart.

“Harry [was] a creative CEO,” Taylor notes. “He was truly one of the most inspiring people in my life. If not for the vision of Harry, I would not be doing what I am doing today, nor would any of us.”

In describing his sculpture, titled “Above and Beyond,” Taylor said it has elements of both boldness and delicacy, and features aspects of Harry’s legacy—from thoughtfulness and playfulness to a strong sense upward, as well as infinite movement.

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