Q.I. Press Controls Says Quad/Tech’s Patent Claims Previously Defeated

OOSTERHOUT, THE NETHERLANDS—May 31, 2010—In early April, Q.I. Press Controls defeated Quad/Tech’s request for a preliminary injunction in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and Quad/Tech appealed that ruling to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, DC. During the appeal, the entire case is currently stayed.

Also in April, QI defeated Quad/Tech’s attempt to include new claims of infringement against QI’s Intelligent Density System (IDS). At that time, Quad/Tech had asked the Court permission to amend its Complaint to include a claim that the IDS infringes Quad/Tech’s ‘577 patent, the patent at issue in the case. That patent, however, on its face relates to a color registration system, not a color density system. The United States District Court for Eastern District of Pennsylvania, the Honorable Eduardo Robreno, denied Quad/Tech’s request to include that new claim of infringement. Once again, the Court held for QI, not for Quad/Tech.

Now, Quad/Tech has filed a new case in a different federal court, the Federal District Court for the Northern District of California, and made the allegations of infringement by the IDS Judge Robreno would not permit in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. QI will address Quad/Tech’s latest tactic in court.

Quad/Tech’s recent press release about its new lawsuit says nothing of Judge Robreno’s many decisions against Quad/Tech in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, including Judge Robreno’s decision not to permit Quad/Tech to amend its complaint to allege infringement against the IDS. QI believes that Judge Robreno’s decisions are the first step toward QI’s total vindication in Quad/Tech’s legal assault in the United States.

QI has repeatedly stated in its court papers that the QI register control products sold in the United States do not infringe Quad/Tech’s ‘577 patent. QI has also stated in court papers that QI’s IDS, which has been on the market and for sale for more than six (6) years, does not infringe the ‘577 patent. Rather, QI is a highly innovative company that respects the intellectual property of all companies. QI’s goal is to offer our customers the latest technology and remain a global leader with respect to innovative auxiliary equipment for the graphics industry.

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