PSDA 2009 Spring Technology Conference Opens Registration

ALEXANDRIA, VA—March 5, 2009—After much demand, the Print Services & Distribution Association (PSDA) announced today that registration to the Spring Technology Conference will be accessible to printing professionals nationwide. This event, which has traditionally been reserved for members of PSDA, will be held in New Orleans from June 1-3 at The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans.

Held annually, the Spring Technology Conference is a significant resource for professionals in the printing industry. Over the course of two days, printing professionals are educated on cutting-edge technological advancements and solutions in print, while attending presentations given by technology specialists. Also addressed are different strategies for adopting these technologies in order to increase sales and facilitate business growth. Past attendees of the event have noted its role in reinforcing their competitive advantage by helping their businesses stay on top of industry trends.

According to George Smith, a member of senior management at Tully-Wihr Company, “If you’re not attending the Spring Technology Conference, you’re missing an opportunity to gain valuable information that will not only better your organization, but provide solutions that will move your business into the future”.

PSDA believes that by opening up the Spring Technology Conference to non-members they will further enhance the overall benefits of the event. “It’s important to constantly explore new outlets when considering growth, whether it’s a single business or a whole industry,” said Peter Colaianni, executive vice president for PSDA. “This year more than ever, print distributors and printers are looking for innovative ways to reach their audience and this event will help them do just that. Moreover, by inviting non-members, we are tapping into a fresh knowledge base that will be especially beneficial to our current attendees”.

The 2009 Spring Technology Conference will commence with a keynote address on social networking for business growth and delve into topics such as: Enterprise Resource Planning, Intranets, Personalized URLs, Technologies Changing Print Sales, Techno Gadgets and much more. For a complete agenda, visit PSDA online at

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