Intelligencer Printing Adds Two Inkjet Systems

LANCASTER, PA—By adding a pair of Kodak Prosper S10 imprinting systems to its Heidelberg (Goss) Sunday 2000 web offset press, Intelligencer Printing aims to enhance the level of personalization it offers clients in the retail, nonprofit, financial services and other industries. The company is also investing in Kodak Marketmover services to develop a six-month marketing campaign to grow services and attract additional customers.

The company chose the Prosper S10 imprinting system for its ability to keep offset presses running at full speed while adding digital personalization in a single step.

“Our clients told us they wanted fast, efficient personalization capabilities for their direct mail campaigns, so we started investigating the options to find a solution that would let us maximize our existing offset press investments,” said Garry Richwine, plant manager, Intelligencer Printing. “Kodak offers a proven solution that can do what no other can—and we have already won some significant business as a direct result of it.”

The Prosper S10 imprinting system, which can be integrated in-line into a variety of web offset presses, is a monochrome printing system operating at speeds of up to 1,000 fpm. With its 4.16˝ printing swath and resolutions reaching 600 dpi, the Prosper S10 is a variable data imprinting solution for high-volume direct mail applications. The inkjet system features water-based pigmented inks that have strong permanence on a variety of commercial substrates that provide scratch, fade and water resistance.

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