Pronto Post Introduces Personalized Insert Program for Fulfillment Parcels

MIAMI—March 24, 2012—Florida’s largest direct marketing company, Pronto Post, announces a new program to add personalized marketing inserts into its customer’s outgoing product fulfillment parcels. Taking advantage of its four-color digital printing capabilities and the proven benefits of personalized communications, Pronto is offering its customers and prospects the opportunity to insert personalized inserts into their outgoing shipments.

Pronto Post is a Miami-based direct marketing and product fulfillment company. It has served its clients for over thirty years from its South Florida location. Pronto has recently expanded its product fulfillment services.

For its product fulfillment customers this means that along with the product that was ordered reaching their customer, Pronto can insert a four-color personalized marketing document offering anything from a product recommendation based on that current order, a personalized discount coupon on their next order, or a thank you message tailored directly to the customer.

“Personalization is a growing marketing strategy that more and more marketers are using or planning to use,” Pronto’s President and Sales Manager Robin Rodriguez said. “The delivery of an order is a perfect opportunity to send the right message targeted to an existing customer at the right time.”

Pronto’s custom insert program is a step up from traditional insert programs. Traditional insert programs place static inserts from other companies into orders. For example offers for books and magazines are common traditional package inserts. What makes Pronto’s program different is that its inserts are individually tailored to the customer based on the order being delivered.

“Our product fulfillment clients can upsell products based on data that exists about the specific order, past purchase history, demographics or other information that has been collected about the customer. And that is a very powerful tool,” said Pronto General Manager Andrew Diamond. “Online businesses have extensive data about the online browsing activity of their visitors and customers, and can recommend products that were viewed but not purchased.”

Pronto Post’s four-color variable data digital printing capability allows its clients to tailor custom documents at the time an order is placed. Custom templates are created for each client that pull variable text and images into the marketing document and print the personalized piece as the order is being processed.

Additionally, the US Postal Service has instituted a second ounce free program for first class mail that allows businesses and direct mailers the opportunity to include additional inserts into their direct mail, letters, statements and invoices without incurring additional postage expenses.

“This program offers a cost effective marketing tool to our clients, while adding value to Pronto. We see this as part of the ongoing and natural progression of targeted direct marketing. It is a common sense practice that we expect many of our clients to apply,” Diamond said.

Source: Pronto.

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