FBI Raids Printing Business in Times Square Probe

CAMDEN, NJ—A printing business here was searched by FBI counterterrorism agents Thursday as it continued the investigation into the recent Times Square bombing attempt. A series of raids in suburban Philadelphia, Boston, New York and Maine yielded the detainment of three Pakistani nationals on administrative immigration charges, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Search warrants were executed Thursday morning on Prompt Printing Press here, as well as a home in Cherry Hill, NJ, by the Philadelphia-based Joint Terrorism Task Force. FBI spokesperson J.J. Klaver confirmed the raids to the newspaper, but would not divulge any details other than to say there was no threat to the public from explosives at either site.

Muhammad Fiaez resides with his brother, Iqbal Hinjhara, at the Cherry Hill address that was investigated by the FBI. They also work at the raided Camden company that sells printing “machines,” according to the paper. Fiaez told the Inquirer that the company ships gear to India, Pakistan and Europe.

FBI agents returned Fiaez’s identification papers after an hour of questioning and Fiaez said they informed him that he had been cleared. He also told the Inquirer that the FBI did not ask him about the Times Square incident.

The two men detained in Boston are said to have a direct connection to Times Square bomb suspect Faisal Shahzad.

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