Proactive Preflighting

And then there is EZ-PDF. Acquired Knowledge automatically creates PostScript files, launches and configures Acrobat Distiller based on predetermined printer specifications, and places a resulting PDF file into a user-selected folder—all in EZ-PDF. The company is also continuing to refine its QuickCheck preflighting software, designed to analyze and preview PostScript files in Macintosh environments.

Why is all this significant?

One word: Progress.

As the use of the Internet and PDF in publishing becomes more widespread, there is an increasing need for high-quality preflighting tools that can be used to check the quality and integrity of the files.

Ideally, files should be preflighted before they are submitted to a service provider, while they are still in the hands of the professionals who actually create the documents. But getting customers to purchase, install, configure and then actually use preflight software is a formidable task—if not impossible.

To solve this problem, Extensis has introduced Preflight Online, a technology that takes a completely new approach to preflighting—allowing PDF documents to be automatically preflighted over the Internet. With Preflight Online, document inspection happens right on a customer’s own computer, without the installation of any special client software.

Preflight Online initially became available to the public this fall on, a new Internet resource for creative professionals involved in every phase of print and Internet production. Extensis reports the service will be expanded to support, not PDF, but a full range of page layout and graphics applications. Preflight Online offers: Web-based remote preflighting; full support for Abobe PDF, including documents created with Acrobat 3, Acrobat 4 and Adobe InDesign; inspection of more than 30 PDF-specific attributes using a customizable inspection profile; the ability to batch process multiple-file jobs with one click; and a Preflight Online browser plug-in that is self-configuring and performs inspections on local hard drives.

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  • Trey

    I would be interested in your opinion of a very good mac preflight workstationstation configuration. I will be receiving files from multiple sources but will not be performing any file manipulation. The purpose is to verify everything (fonts, pictures, die) required for print is attached/embedded, color build (PMS vs Process), positioning. Thank you.