PRINTING INKS — The Missing Ink

Gans Ink & Supply’s latest development, Q/S four-color process inks, have been formulated to meet the market-driven requirements for very quick turnaround times and on-demand production schedules. With the advent and utilization of customized and proprietary vehicle technology, the exceptional set speeds of the Q/S process series make work-and-turn/tumble jobs easy. Gans’ Q/S series exhibit very quick setting with reduced drying times for post-printing processing, exceptional trapping, good gloss and extremely low misting at high speeds.

Midwest Ink offers its new line of offset lithographic inks called H2O, which run with straight tap water as the fountain solution. This eliminates the cost of purchasing chemicals and the time associated with monitoring pH problems. It is also said to extend roller train life and to reduce paper decalcification. On heatset presses, the product can lower the oven temperature by 10 to 20 percent. H2O prints sharp and comes back up to color quickly.

The Premier Quickset series of inks from Micro Inks is the company’s “workhorse” set of products. The inks are suitable for most commercial and folding carton applications. The series has excellent gloss and drying properties across a wide range of paper stocks. The Premier series of inks are formulated to have proper balance between rheology and tack.

Monarch Color’s Royalprint ink line is formulated for coated or uncoated paper. It offers high gloss, excellent transparency and low foam. Other features of Royalprint include low viscosity, low maintenance and computer balancing. It is available in lightfast and non-lightfast colors or custom matches.

Titan, an oil-based ink, is available from premium printing ink supplier Spinks Ink. Titan is formulated to meet the needs of the mid-size printer. It is a laser-safe, high-quality ink that sets and dries fast.

NaturalGlo QS from Sun Chemical is a sheetfed offset ink with low VOCs. With less solvent, it dries fast and is ready for UV off-line coating within 24 hours after being printed. With the use of NaturalGlo QS, there will always be at least 50 percent plant-derived material on the press, depending on what colors are being printed. It gives outstanding press performance in terms of dot gain and high gloss.

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