PRINTING INKS — The Missing Ink

Looking for alternatives to the inks you’re currently using on-press?
Then check out what other commercial printing inks are now on the market.

BASF Printing Systems offers a diverse range of K+E printing inks for sheetfed offset printing and narrow web offset printing, including a new line of Ultraking UV-curable and Novabryte hybrid inks. Novabryte inks are fast curing to allow for in-line UV coatings and high-gloss finishing in sheetfed offset with only one coating unit. Specially formulated to run on high-speed and perfecting presses, K+E printing inks provide outstanding rub resistance and high gloss for publication, commercial and specialty printing applications. K+E printing inks are available in cans, plastic cartridges or drums.

The Centra series of sheetfed printing inks from Central Ink deliver high density, while still maintaining the sharpest dot. This is achieved by optimizing ink/water balance, translating into faster startups, less paper waste and consistent color control. Well-balanced strengths give the customer the latitude to achieve maximum color reproduction. The result is excellent trapping capability and high gloss. The Centra series of sheetfed printing inks feature: laser compatibility; UV coatable; aqueous acceptable; foil stampable; heat sealable; performance on a wide variety of substrates; and fast setting and drying times.

Flint Ink’s MATRIXCURE UV ink systems are designed for faster cure, improved gray balance, faster makereadies and easier runnability. The improved performance comes from refinements to the ink’s resin and photoinitiator chemistry, and to the use of advanced colorimetric data. The inks virtually eliminate the common problems of density fluctuations and scumming, while providing improved color strength, hue and dot integrity, particularly in the mid-tones. The inks come in two formulations: MATRIXCURE-S inks are designed for high-speed UV web printing. MATRIXCURE-HQ inks are designed for high-end sheetfed applications. MATRIXCURE inks are available in process and PANTONE colors.

INX International will showcase its EcoPure HP high-performance Quickset ink at Graph Expo. EcoPure allows for fast set times, good press stability, sharp printing characteristics and excellent print quality on all sheetfed presses, including high-speed presses. EcoPure HP ink helps minimize waste by allowing the press operator to achieve optimum color quickly on-press. Because of its increased flexibility and expanded operating window, printers can run on a variety of substrates with improved total production efficiency.

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