The company’s workflow offerings will now be marketed as an integrated solution called Apogee Suite, which includes Portal (formerly Delano), Prepress (formerly ApogeeX), Publish and Color modules. Due to launch in Düsseldorf is Apogee Media, a design and content management system for collaborative print and Web page production that is Web browser-based and works with Adobe InDesign.

Pushing back against the expected ink-jet tide at Drupa will be the new Xeikon 8000 toner-based, webfed digital press. The manufacturer is going to emphasize the Xeikon name in the marketplace, even though it formally is still Punch Graphix. CEO Wim Deblauwe commented that Punch is financially solid, has strengthened its management team worldwide and is “here for the long term.”

The company asserts that the 8000’s maximum speed of 230 ppm (A4 size)—combined with a 1,200 dpi resolution (four-bit), 20.15˝ maximum media width and Xeikon’s One-Pass Duplex capability—answers the need for greater productivity without compromising print quality.

Like other Xeikon models, the 8000 can be driven at its full rated speed by the X-800 digital front end, even when printing variable data. The concept of PA (“productivity adaptive”) toner is being introduced with this model, which the company says will provide opportunities to optimize costs in relation to running speed.

CTP: Conventional Plates

Punch will also be unveiling a new generation of the basysPrint UV-Setter CTP platform for exposing conventional UV-sensitive plates (CTcP). It expects to see the greatest interest in the product line coming from regions outside the United States, where there is still a greater cost differential between conventional and digital plates.

EskoArtwork originally planned to use its briefing to provide an up-date on the merged company and present highlights of its Drupa presence, which will have a “Connect More!” theme. However, timing of events led to its bigger news: a deal to acquire Gradual Software. The latter’s staff, assets and technology (Switch automation software) are being merged into EskoArtwork’s Enfocus operation, which operates as a dedicated business unit.

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